Hear parents’ opinions of local services

“Personal stories teach you more about what works and implications for practice than reading text” – Caseworker


Rate and improve local delivery

“The checklists are helpful for benchmarking and targeting areas of need” – SEN Team Manager


Get feedback on local services

“I’d use this to target areas for our service improvement and support parents better through the process” – Educational Psychologist


We asked parents about their experience of the EHC process. They said what they liked and wanted from EHC process delivery.

“This will help us plan our services and processes going forward. The tool will be used for training and checking individual practice across our area”

Head of Children’s Service

This website shows the EHC process from the perspective of families and aims to support areas to improve local services.

Please explore the range of content and resources and reflect on the parts of the process most relevant to you or your organisation.

Education, Health and Care (EHC) assessments and planning is the process carried out if someone thinks a child or young person may need extra support to make good educational progress. The key stages of the process are: Identifying, Assessing, Planning, Actioning and Reviewing.

Find out what parents experience at each step:

Anyone can bring a child or young person who they believe has or probably has SEN or a disability to the attention of a local authority and parents, early years providers, schools and colleges have an important role in doing so”.

(Code of Practice; 1.15)

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