Callum’s Story

Callum’s mum has been worried about his development since he started school. He seems different from her other 4 sons. She took him to the doctors but they said it was just normal behavior. He cant cope with loud noises or change and regularly has ‘meltdowns’. The school have been really supportive and have set up a green room that he can go to to calm down and where he has some of his lessons. However since moving into key stage 2 he has found it increasingly difficult to cope. The SENCO and school teacher suggested that he should be assessed as he might need an EHCP.

“I finally feel like Im being listened to. Ive been struggling on my own for 4 years wondering if he’s getting a good education or if something better could be done. He’s been assessed in class and I don’t know what happens after that, but I filled out a form called My Story and the SENCo has said something about different schools he might like.

I feel the school have kept me really well informed. It was good to have the SEN lady there when I filled out that form. Im just waiting to hear what happens next. They arranged for this person to come in so I guess they say where Callum needs to go. I think its been really good help