Safi’s Story

Safi has physical and medical disabilities, she was the smallest twin from birth and was diagnosed soon afterwards. The family have had a lot of support from the Early Years team and see their EY support worker as a lifeline. She has helped them when Safi wasn’t sleeping and has signposted them to all the support they needed. They explained everything about the EHC process and how Safi would need a plan for when she started school. They filled out the My Story booklet together and found the language in it quite difficult to understand and a lot of questions weren’t relevant for a young child.

“The assessment process was so stressful and emotional. It looked at Safi’s disability and what she can’t do, rather than what she can. We had a 3 hour meeting at our house with the OT, portage and EY worker. The paediatrician wrote a report and a junior Ed Psych went to see Safi at nursery.

“Our EY support worker is fantastic, I cant praise her enough. She really listens to us and has helped us explain our views in the process. Having a disabled child is a daily battle, and then we’ve got the other children too. The team around us have been really helpful and really supported us so we’re hopeful we can get a good plan

“We’re still waiting to hear what will be in the final plan and what school they recommend but we’ve already been to visit lots and there are two that we think will be really good for her. We need to think what’s best with getting both the girls ready and dropped off in the mornings though. The EY support worker came with us and she gave her opinion, but only after we told her what we thought of them